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Prayer ministry has always been part of the Whitchester ethos. Guests are welcome to join with the staff in the relaxed times of worship in the chapel. The first floor library is well catalogued and has a wide range of Christian books which you may borrow during your stay.

The beauty and peace of the surroundings and the opportunity to relax throughout the day within the lounge, conservatory or in the landscaped gardens offers an added dimension to your retreat or holiday experience.


Retreats for individuals
We aim to support all individuals, including church leadership and congregation members by providing somewhere undemanding, refreshing and renewing. A short stay at Whitchester can provide a focused opportunity to receive, through ministry, God’s love and healing at a greater depth than the constraints of daily life allow.


Group Retreats
Over a period of time people get to know each other and can share and help one another effectively. A retreat spent sharing, not only the business in hand but also in meals and free time, has an impact on a group disproportionate to the time spent. If you are a minister or teacher within a congregation, it may be helpful to come away to specifically teach on a topic.

We are happy to help with teaching programmes if required.

If you are part of a Churches together group or Ministers’ Fellowship, Whitchester can also be used as a space to learn, pray, re-envision, and seek God together.

Please contact us to find out more.

Image by Amaury Gutierrez
Image by Amaury Gutierrez


God can set you free

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