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If you've never attended a Quiet Day, or gone on a retreat, scroll down for some FAQs and answers - if you have a question that is not included here and which is preventing you from joining us, please do contact us and we will endeavour to put your mind at rest!

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If you're interested in booking onto the above event, please click here.

If you're interested in booking onto the above event, please click here.


If you're interested in booking onto the above event, please click here.

  • What is the format of a Quiet Day?   We usually start with refreshments, welcome, house-keeping and introductions, followed by our first session with house prayers and a reflection led by one of the team.  After this, the house goes quiet, and guests are free to use the time as they wish, and to make full use of the facilities the house offers - there is a comfortable lounge, new conservatory, a crafting room, snug, and library.  Outside there is a prayer walk, a new enclosed summerhouse with chair and table, and in the corner of the walled garden, an arbour seat that gets the sun in the afternoons.  We usually take a vote at the start whether lunch will be silent or not - usually not, so there is opportunity to chat with other guests while eating.  A second session of guided reflection follows lunch and then the house goes quiet again until tea-time and plenary.

  • What happens on a Retreat?  Retreats usually commence with arrivals between 4-5pm, followed by the evening meal at 6.30pm.  If sufficiently staffed, the day closes with evening prayers at 8.45pm.  Evenings are otherwise free.  Breakfast is served at 8.30am; the rest of the day follows the same format as for Quiet Days above.

  • Will I be expected to pray aloud?  No, although there is generally space for individual prayers during house prayers.  Guests may be invited to take turns reading a verse each from a passage of scripture or devotional material, but you are under no obligation in this regard.

  • Is there wifi/phone signal?  Wifi is available throughout the house and if you have wifi calling enabled, it should also be possible to make calls and send/receive texts.  If you're having difficulty connecting, outside the front of the house usually works best.  As far as possible though, we would encourage minimal or no use of phones during a Quiet Day.

  • I'm gluten free/lactose intolerant - can you cater for me?  We always check with guests when booking whether they have any dietary requirements.  Provided we have sufficient notice, we do our best to cater for individual needs.

  • Do I need to attend all the sessions - I was hoping to just chill (or work on/use some material of my own)?  There are many definitions for the word 'retreat' - we aim to provide a comfortable space for you to rest, relax, be refreshed and re-connect with God - how you choose to do this is entirely up to you!  Just let us know if you don't plan to attend sessions, so we don't go looking for you.

  • Will there be someone I can talk to in confidence?  The wardens are both trained listeners and will be glad to provide this service to you.  Booking in advance is advised; and a donation is invited, but not a requirement.  (One of the wardens is also trained in spiritual direction - aka, prayer guiding/accompanying - basically someone to share your faith journey with in confidence.)

  • Will there be alcohol?  We are not a licensed premises, but many of our guests bring their own supply, and we have a fridge in the annexe kitchenette for guest use and a plentiful supply of wine glasses.


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