Friends of Whitchester

Walk with Us

Some of our guests find themselves being blessed by the work God does here so much that they’d like to do more than just visit. They become our friends, and walk with us in various ways as we carry out the ministry given to us.

Whitchester Chapel

If you would like to pray for Whitchester on a regular basis, please let us know and we can email prayer requests out to you (frequency will be weekly or monthly depending on the needs).

Whitchester needs volunteers! There is never a shortage of things to do here, and we have also found that sometimes those coming to volunteer also appreciate the space to relax and reflect whilst doing a simple physical activity, such as gardening.  We also welcome groups to join with us in work and prayer for a day or a weekend. If you might be interested in this, or know of any individuals or groups who might benefit from time volunteering at Whitchester, please contact us to discuss further details.

Donating Materials
If you have any items that you think may possibly be helpful for Whitchester to use please contact us.

Visiting and telephoning
It is always encouraging to meet and speak with Friends even if it is only for a short time.  If you want to make certain that you are visiting at a good time, just give a telephone call beforehand.

Forest Blessing

Giving Financially
A number of very generous friends have either given one off gifts or set up a standing order to give regular donations. If you are interested in supporting the ministry of Whitchester financially, please download a response form by clicking on the link below and return a completed version to us by email or post.

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