We are re-opening from 15 July 2020 for Self-Catering Groups to have ‘staycations’. Further details will be posted shortly, but do please spread the word. We anticipate returning to a version of normal by 1 September when we look forward to welcoming groups back to Whitchester. Do please contact us for further information and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Download Our Risk Assessment is available to view here.

About Whitchester Christian Centre

Started in 1984 at Whitchester House near Duns, Berwickshire by Rev. David and Rev. Doreen Maybury, the work moved to the site which was previously known as Borthaugh House near Hawick in 1991.

Our vision is to provide:

• Practical, nurturing, caring and attentive hospitality for body, mind and soul
• A place where people come to be resourced and fulfilled and centred again, a beautiful and restful space to meet with God
• A warm welcome, a clean, bright and safe environment, great food and beautiful grounds where guests want to return
• Listening, prayer ministry, and regular daily worship times

Whitchester offers guests a place to retreat from the pressures of everyday life, to reflect and find rest. The peaceful setting of this 19th century house in 3 acres of grounds, with panoramic views, gives space to those in need of a break.

Local bus routes run between Carlisle and Edinburgh as well as the historic Borders towns. The untamed countryside of the Scottish Borders in on our doorstep too, offering entertainment and adventure to those wishing to explore it.

The house is owned by Helen Miller; Helen continues to be fully involved in the work of Whitchester as a trustee, and some of the portraits you will see on the landing are of her relatives.

Founding Visions

The following is a prophecy given to the staff on 9th August 1984 and seen to be for the staff with promises for the guests:

“You are my children and I have called you apart to this place to meet with you in a new way, to minister to your spirit, to heal, restore and fill you in a new way.

I have chosen this place as a meeting place to build up my people, to bless them, to draw them apart unto myself, to strengthen them and to set their feet on new paths, that leaving this place they will go out with a new vision, a new assurance of my presence with them and my power within them.

Wait patiently on me – do not rush ahead or look for signs before the time is right. I have a mighty work for you to do for me here. Wait on me and I will open doors to a ministry you have not known before.

Power and wisdom and discernment will I give you in great depth that my name may be glorified in this place.”