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Events 2018


15th to 17th June 18 Bereavement weekend Living with Loss

Open Days 10am to 4pm (no charge) 10th April 18, 8th May 18, 12th June 18, 17th July 18 Open Days 2018


We are looking for people to become Deputy Wardens at Whitchester.  If interested, please contact us on the email below.

Further information and how to book these events

For fuller details about these events please email or telephone 01450 377477. Funding for this event is available for those who find it difficult to afford the cost of the event – contact the team in confidence, no detailed questions asked.

Day Visits to Whitchester

Have you considered coming to visit Whitchester during the day? There will be no charge if you bring your own refreshments.  Please phone before arriving to ensure it is a suitable time for us.

Ongoing Offers:

Full Board package deal: Continental breakfast, light lunch, light afternoon tea, 2 course dinner (no choice).  Two night minimum stay, £52pppn

Whitchester Led Retreats: If you are booking a group retreat we are now offering to plan and lead a retreat programme for you for an additional charge. In order to be able to prepare material for you we will need to know the theme of the retreat or the topics you would like covered in studies a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of your visit. It is also possible for us to lead themed retreat on an individual basis for no additional charge.