Ministry for Clergy; burnout, breakdown, marriage tension and break up, family problems

Some of the pressures placed on clergy are due to their isolated position, unrealistic congregational expectations and the desire to protect their families, often with young or adolescent children, from the frustrations of a calling which is personally demanding and draining.

Frequently when things have gone wrong the feeling is: if only the person concerned had given themselves a break, taken proper time off, talked to someone outside the situation, things wouldn’t have reached the crisis they did.


The aim at Whitchester is not just to seek to help those who have reached the point of desperation but to provide a place where it is easy to go, to get away – somewhere undemanding, refreshing, renewing. A place where there is a sense of being welcomed and cared for, where God’s love can be applied to the day by day and week by week pressures so that the crisis situation is rarely reached. It is the sort of place where husbands and wives can come singly as well as together.

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